The Youth fellowship of Christ Assembly is the convergence of both youths and teenagers of the church in order to have fellowship. To share thoughts, share burdens, sharpen one another and talk about the general issues of Life as it relates to us based on the word of God.

Some of the our programs includes a yearly youth week which takes place in  the first week of August and an annual retreat/camp which comes up the second week of December. A monthly vigil which comes up on the third Friday of every month, Bible study,  Sports and recreation activities, missions,  Business Seminar, Marriage seminars,  academic seminars among others.

The youth fellowship has been able to produce Ministers of the gospel, successful businessmen, responsible husbands and wives, and God fearing people in the atmosphere.

The Teenager’s Fellowship

At a time in the history of the headquarter church it was known that the teenagers were rebellious and were on a world of their own and that was because they couldn’t freely relate with the youth fellowship. But a time came when Mrs. Agnes Ajayi (Teenagers coordinator) got a vision and a burden to work on these teenagers and bring out the best in them.  And this led to the creation of the teenager’s fellowship, an atmosphere where they can be monitored, tutored and nurtured in the way of the Lord, a place where the teenagers are built both emotionally and spiritually.

To the glory of God, the fellowship has become a place where the teenagers experience an exponential growth and learn how to relate with their parents, peers and the society, and how to overcome inferiority complex and timidity and also a place where their talents and gifts are groomed to the praise of God.

The teenager’s fellowship has been able to produce 3 different magazines with quality articles in them which are majorly written by the teenagers. These magazines serve as a means to proclaiming the gospel of the Lord and testimonies abound of the lives that have been blessed by it.